Urban Village Fete

We’re so excited to be involved in this event. Urban Village Fete is a free one-day music and arts festival that features a range of unique pop-ups, walkabout entertainment and curated marketplaces, made possible by Greenwich Peninsula, curated and produced by HemingwayDesign.

The Hill Larder has a retail space and a workshop area in Peninsula Square. We will be selling kefir and kraut and there will be kefir grains to buy as well if you fancy having a go yourself. We are running three fermentation workshops where you will make a jar of sauerkraut, and learn how to make delicious live cultured water kefir. There will be opportunities to taste some of The Hill Larders products, and you will leave with an understanding of lacto-fermentation and its health benefits. The workshop will give you the confidence to experiment and to explore cheap seasonal produce and flavours to make your own healthy and delicious fermented food and drink. You can register here 

So do come on down for a chat and to enjoy all that Urban Village Fete has to offer, you know the sun will be shining!